Mary McGovern
Teacher of the Alexander Technique since 1979

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique can be used to make one more aware of balance, posture and movement in the activities of daily life, as well as in specialised activities such as the use of the voice, playing musical instruments, dance, sport and so on. The Alexander Technique can make us conscious of our patterns of reaction and muscle tensions, and teach us to differ between necessary and unnecessary reactions.

The purpose and perspective of the technique goes beyond relaxation and body awareness. Its goal is to see to it that the potential of mind and body can be realised optimally in all the circumstances of life.

It is a practical technique aiming at our most basic activities, such as moving, breathing, eating, speaking, lifting, carrying, reading and writing. It also functions as a general basis for health, prevention of injury, control over habitual reactions and the realisation of individual potential. It is a technique that people of all ages and from very different spheres of life have learned to use.

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There are many reasons for taking lessons in the Alexander Technique, for example many musicians, actors and other performing artists take lessons in order to attain greater freedom and proficiency. Others take lessons because of physical problems, neuro-muscular problems, back trouble, breathing difficulties, joint problems or unwanted muscle tension. A growing number of people take lessons simply because the Alexander Technique makes them feel better and gives them greater freedom – personally and in relation to others.